The Yerger group

The YErger group

Founder of The Yerger Group and hospitality visionary, Ross “Yergz” Yerger, aspires to create a destination experience for vacationers and travelers from around the globe by offering unique resort amenities and world class hotel accommodations, while adding personal touches that give you the sense that you are in the home of Yergz, not a hotel.

The Yerger Group understands the importance of a strong and positive work environment. We are dedicated to creating a great working atmosphere where employees will want to serve all guests as if it were their own home and providing unsurpassed service and experiences possible to guests and locals.


At Yergz Radio, we combine positive podcasts with internet radio, allowing our content creators and presenters access to a new audience. Additionally, we encourage our presenters to develop their own live show for broadcast on Yergz Radio. Finally, we give an extra level of Pride in our journalistic ventures, providing accuracy, integrity and accountability. Yergz Radio – Positive talk, in a negative world!

Talk tv 24

For all of our podcast, talk show, self-help and life coaching lovers, you’ve found a home! All discussion, learning and other talk – all day!


doggy traders

Hey Day Traders! Welcome to the Day Trading and Investing channel for every day beginners and more experienced traders! If you’re tired of listening to “experts” talk about how much of an expert they are, if you’re tired of Googling every word in the podcast that you’re listening to, then this show is for you! We don’t have stuffed Doge Coins on our desk, no Pokemon, no comic books; just a serious introduction to and continued education on Day Trading, and overall investment strategy! And technical strategies in PLAIN ENGLISH, so a newbie or every day trader can understand!