UP The MIddle

Join retired Secret Service Special Agent Ross “Yergz” Yerger as he investigates politics and life, in general, with influence from The Right, as well as influence from The Left. Our conversations are not only about politics, but are with people who inspire us from some basic walks of life. 

We look at #MAGA, #Woke, #CancelCulture, the #LGBTQ Community, and of course, the upcoming #Presidential Campaign. Whether you are a Republican, or a Democrat, you WILL find yourself agreeing AND disagreeing with discussions on “Up The Middle”! And that’s a GOOD thing! Most importantly, Yergz will provide citations in either the comments section, epidsode description, or sometimes verbally, in the actual episode! That allows you to do #yourownresearch !! Come along for the ride on a jet ski as Yergz takes us “Up The Middle”!

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