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Jessica Skelton Reg 3 BASD Board Candidate

Show Notes to include photos, from both 11/3 and 11/6 episodes, 12 & 13

Keep Your Rights

Up The Middle Show Notes describes Howard Stern and the true definition of being “Woke,” Moms For Liberty, Proud Boys, Cancel Culture and Boyertown Patriots – and the true definition of Fascism.

Yergz Tonight

Show Notes

Donna Usavage

Chairperson of Boyertown Forward visits Jane & Yergz to discuss the efforts of the Boyertown Community’s efforts to eliminate Moms 4 Liberty and Boyertown Patriots from the Boyertown School Board. This episode is available on Spotify, YouTube/UpTheMiddle and YouTube/TalkTV24. Links are also available on social media associated with This version of show notes is missing candidate information, which will be added at a later date.

231021 Romney: Fox Dangerous Propaganda

This looks at the realization that what we’ve been saying about the “uber-cons” has been right all along. They find a newsworthy story and just attack, sometimes with no basis in reality.

231020 Nejwa Ali

Show notes for DHS Employee, Nejwa Ali. Extra thanks to former US Secret Service co-worker and Lexus Nexus Senior Director of Public Relations, Paul Eckloff.

231020 Yergz Tonight

231019 Yergz Tonight

Ad Fontes Media Bias Chart

231018 As part of our Fact Checking Series, for Up The Middle, we examine the history and usage of the Ad Fontes Media Bias Chart.


Audio Issues. Turned out, they were between the chair and the keyboard!