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End of Our Season and the NFL Season, Parts 1 & 2

Show Notes for the double episode and beginning of Season Two!

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Yergz Tonight Dec 4, 2023

Jessica Skelton Reg 3 BASD Board Candidate

Show Notes to include photos, from both 11/3 and 11/6 episodes, 12 & 13

Keep Your Rights

Up The Middle Show Notes describes Howard Stern and the true definition of being “Woke,” Moms For Liberty, Proud Boys, Cancel Culture and Boyertown Patriots – and the true definition of Fascism.

Yergz Tonight

Show Notes

Donna Usavage

Chairperson of Boyertown Forward visits Jane & Yergz to discuss the efforts of the Boyertown Community’s efforts to eliminate Moms 4 Liberty and Boyertown Patriots from the Boyertown School Board. This episode is available on Spotify, YouTube/UpTheMiddle and YouTube/TalkTV24. Links are also available on social media associated with This version of show notes is missing candidate information, which will be added at a later date.

231021 Romney: Fox Dangerous Propaganda

This looks at the realization that what we’ve been saying about the “uber-cons” has been right all along. They find a newsworthy story and just attack, sometimes with no basis in reality.

231020 Nejwa Ali

Show notes for DHS Employee, Nejwa Ali. Extra thanks to former US Secret Service co-worker and Lexus Nexus Senior Director of Public Relations, Paul Eckloff.

231020 Yergz Tonight